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Compare and contrast shopping malls and neighborhood stores

Shopping Malls versus Neighborhood Stores



There are hardly any similarities of shopping malls and neighborhood stores (White , 1997 . Shopping malls and neighborhood stores cater to the needs of people ranging from food , hardware /construction needs , etc (White , 1997 . Both hold the same objective of providing the needs of people within the area in the most convenient way possible (White 1997 . In addition to that , shopping malls both go on sale and motivate their clients to patronize their products /services (White , 1997


Meanwhile , there are several a number

of differences between shopping malls and neighborhood stores as well (White , 1997 . Some of these are the following

First of all , shopping malls may come in several sizes including : 1 neighborhood 2 ) community as well as , 3 ) regional (White , 1997 . The first type technically referred to as the neighborhood mall ' is marked by a string of stores ' disconnected from the thoroughfare by a parking lot (White , 1997 . The second type which is known as the community mall ' is typically bigger in size than the first one aforementioned and features an anchor store , a large well-known store that attracts high traffic (White , 1997 . It is advantageous since the smaller stores attracted to that mall will target the same market segments the anchor store draws (White , 1997 . Simply put , every store in this type of all has a large potential to profit as well since it also comprises complementary and competing products (White , 1997 On the other hand , the third type which is technically called regional malls ' are the largest among all the aforementioned types in fact it may hold as much as two hundred stores in it (White , 1997 . This is so because , they draw from a large geographic area and feature a mix of convenience , shopping , as well as , specialty products (White , 1997 Comparing to neighborhood store , there is only one type of this , unlike shopping malls (White , 1997

Second , because shopping malls cater to more products and services , it is far more convenient as compared with neighborhood stores (White 1997 . Shopping malls are like one-stop shop where one can find everything he or she needs , for instance , a hardware is there a department store is present as well a drugstore may also be found there grocery is there too of course a barber shop /parlor is typically situated there as well a day care is there to if you need to leave your toddler before doing what one needs to in the mall etc (White , 1997 In comparison to neighborhood stores , one will have to transfer from one place to another to complete shopping for the things he or she needs (White , 1997 . This is because usually a neighborhood store only holds and features products of the same category (White , 1997 . For instance if the neighborhood store features food , then one can only shop there for ingredients , and other cooking needs (White , 1997 . If it is a neighborhood store that specializes in hardware , then only those things needed to...

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