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Compare & contrast quantitative & qualitative research

Running Head : Quantitative Qualitative Research






Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Research

This will conclusively address differences between the two methods in three different sections . The first section provides a detailed discussion of both methods . The second section provides the underlying philosophical differences whereas the lasting section deal with methodological differences


Qualitative Research

The qualitative research methods is used when analyzing information contained in words or images . Respective researchers therefore have direct contact with source of information , which helps in

achieving high quality results . Interviews provide a good example of this research method . The close connection between the researcher primary source of information mean that there is possibility of knowing what is being sought (Spradley , 2003 ,

. 96 . The method is regard as rich with information because researchers can dig deeper for what they could be looking for . For instance , a researcher taking data through interviews can easily ask for clarifications from interviewees . The richness of data garnered through the method leads to increase in time consumption during research

Quantitative Research

The quantitative research method involves general analysis of numeral information . In other words , researchers try to deduce meaning from information that had been collected previously . This makes quantitative methods the most appropriate for secondary research . Researchers using this method embark on constructing statistical models explaining trends that get observed in the findings . Indeed , it is in these models that individuals read to understand research findings . The use of this methods provides researchers with exact understand of the results they could be expecting

Philosophical Differences

The philosophical foundations of both systems differ significantly . The quantitative method seeks to extract causes and facts independent of situation being investigated . This philosophical foundation thus hold that only by understanding the surrounding environment that an understanding of certain situations could be achieved . Contrary qualitative method seeks to understand causes and effects inside the issue being investigated . This is in understanding that all explanations are found beneath the problem (s , meaning that researchers know exactly where to get data . These philosophical differences forms key foundations of the continued wars between respective adherents . Main contention arises contention arises from the position taken sources of data Another philosophical difference rises from fact that quantitative method uses subjective means whereas qualitative methods are regarded as objective (Merriam , 2005 ,

. 56 . The subjective nature of qualitative methods develops from its heavy reliance on individual researchers to provide interpretation of events through interviews and observations These methods provide researchers with opportunities to develop own understanding of issues and therefore present in most understandable manners possible . On the other hand , objectiveness of quantitative methods arises from the use of precise measurement tools such as surveys and questionnaires . These two philosophical differences have continued to form the foundation of heated debates between adherents of both methods

Methodological Differences

The above philosophical differences result to diverse research designs some of which will be discussed in this section . First , the qualitative method uses visuals and expressions to achieve specific...

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