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Compare and contrast private school to public school

Private vs . Public Schools


Entering a school is a very important challenge for every child . It is the first step on the very long way to learning thousands of new things making hundreds of new discoveries , becoming a developed individual and a valuable member of our society . And , undoubtedly , it is a responsibility of parents to make the right choice between sending the child to a public or a private school . Usually parents have to check out a lot of information and consider many specific details before making a decision

. The purpose of this work is to compare and contrast the main differences between these two types of schools in our country

The most notable differences are the cost , admission opportunities and academic curriculum . It is known that parents do not need to pay anything (except of their taxes ) for educating a child in a public school . Tuition in a private school can cost a lot of money , and even though many private schools offer some scholarships or other types of financial support , it is still quite expensive for many families . In addition , in contrast to public schools , private schools are selective and not every child can be accepted

Academic curriculum in all public schools is the same throughout the country . It is quite standard , even as to the textbooks or tests , and includes a number of key subjects (such as English , math , history science and others ) plus some other special subjects , like music or art Private schools are usually more flexible on this point , and private school administrations can create special programs for their students In some small private schools , academic curriculum can be created even by classroom teachers and undergo regular improvements according to the experience of these teachers

Another difference is class size . Public schools tend to have large classes , as large as it is legally allowed (especially in urban schools . In private schools classes are usually much smaller , and sometimes there are only 11-12 students in the class . Certainly children can have more individual attention of teachers in the smaller classes , and that is why class size is usually taken as a very important factor for the parents when choosing a school . But , at the same time there are some disadvantages of small classes : for example , a child can have fewer choices of friends , or feel more pressure from the teachers etc

Availability of special programs is another important difference between private and public schools . For children with some special needs (programs for talented children or for children with learning disabilities , etc , it is better to be placed to a public school because such schools have to provide all children with all necessary special services and programs . Private schools can refuse to accept children with special needs , except of the situations when the private school already has some specialty (private art school , for example , or in case if parents are ready to compensate extra expenses

Yet another difference is qualification of teaching staff . All the...

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