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Compare and contrast for political system identify the advantage of each system and explain which of the four system will be benefit economic growth the best


Political Behaviour

Synthesis on Political Systems



Name of Institution


Political System : An overview

The economy of a certain government is the vital play ground of any country . The political system as well as the flow of collaboration among the arena on commerce , trade and industry is manifested by the laws made by the government governing the economic system which then creates the schemas followed by investors inside and outside the country

For every country that is experiencing a massive

predicament on the political system will most likely affect the economy of the country as well . Hence if the rulers or the leaders of the government know what to do on developing the socio-economic of the county , then most likely the advantages will not be benefited only by those in power but the whole jurisdiction for that instance ADDIN EN .CITE Almond7Gabriel A AlmondComparative Political SystemsThe Journal of PoliticsThe Journal of Politics56 (Almond , 1956

Democratic Capitalism

The verity of democratic capitalism falls on the grounds of socio-economic definitions which give light to the economic ideology to be an agreement holding no biases on the level of participation vested on both the capital and the labor . Equality capital , so to speak establishes that in to gain much over the labour force of the man power in a country , capital ownership must be introduced with an exchange of benefit ' from both parties - levying taxes for instance - and encouraging the masses to invest more so as to enhance the economic circulation


There is an interaction between the individual and the environment through the aspect of consciousness . It is through the environment that that the conditions of the individual are given importance in recognizes the connotation that the dynamic quality of experience ' fulfills the system of life in compliance with the social and economic variations of the notion . Thus , communism has taught men to maintain the acquiescent mood in defining human


Fascism is a political ideology which is perceived to be a form of authoritarianism . Such form responds to political and social progressions which are imposed through the implementation of power in a so-called crude , barbaric and martially implied structure ADDIN EN .CITE Almond7Gabriel A AlmondComparative Political SystemsThe Journal of PoliticsThe Journal of Politics56 (Almond , 1956 . Further , the claims on the social tensions in coining the term on fascism were to create a system wherein people are to follow a leader with the charismatic form of governance Laissez-faire economics and political freedom are the common terms for such realm


The concept of Marxism places substance on the standard categories of the historical materialism , class struggle , theory of the state , party revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat ADDIN EN .CITE Dawson7Paul A DawsonThe Formation and Structure of Political Belief SystemsPolitical BehaviorPolitical Behavior (Dawson , 1979 . Consequently , the philosophical critique on Marxism led to an astounding conclusion that it is through Marxism that the economical state of a country is given an ample chance to develop...

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