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Paper Topic:

Compare and contrast the play Trifles with the short story A Jury of her peers.

Shellon Noel-Maikoo

Professor Brian Murphy

English 102 .5599

June 2 , 2008

Trifles and A Jury of Her Peers : A Comparison

Susan Glaspell worte two different forms of literature that has basically the same plot , setting and characters . The main difference , of course , was the way the story was presented . She first wrote the play Trifles ' which was about two females being able to solve a puzzle as to what the motive of a woman who had killed her husband was . The short story A Jury of Her Peers ' was adapted

from the play and has been by readers due to its richer details

Although the plot and the dialogues have basically been unchanged from the play to the short story , Glaspell has passed her message more effectively in the narrative . While Glaspell uses the characters or actors to vocalize the emotions of the story from the play Trifles she makes the reader feel the emotions in A Jury of Her Peers ' by including descriptive passages to accompany the dialogue in her narration . She has provided the short story version more emotional depth than could the play version of the story . Take , for example , the vivid details of Mrs . Peters actions at the end of the story . The reader could immediately interpret , understand and appreciate the emotions held by the county attorney 's wife from the narration because of the dramatic of the events , something which the readers must require more understanding when reading the play . The use of a vivid of actions makes the emotions of the characters seem more real to the readers and makes the readers experience the exact emotions , unlike having to imagine and then to interpret first the emotions conveyed from the play . Precise wordings from the short story already bring out the specific emotions the characters are experiencing . These entices the readers to relate to the emotions or to the characters in a more personal level by eliminating the relative difficulty of interpreting messages and emotions depicted from a play . The short story also introduces passages that describe the setting of the story , which give the reader a vivid picture of the scene . The kitchen scene where the district attorney was interviewing Mr . Hale best describes the difference of the short story from the play . Vivid s of the elements in the short story make it easier for the readers to understand the characters : Everyone in the kitchen looked at the rocker . It came into Mrs . Hale 's mind that that rocker didn 't look in the least like Minnie Foster--the Minnie Foster of twenty years before . It was a dingy red , with wooden rungs up the back , and the middle rung was gone , and the chair sagged to one side ' The actions were clearly described 'How do you mean - queer ' As he asked it he took out a note-book and pencil . Mrs . Hale did not like the sight of that pencil . She kept her eye fixed on her husband , as...

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