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Paper Topic:

Compare and contrast philosophy, ideology, and theory

Running Head : Philosophy , Theory , and Ideology

Philosophy , Theory , and Ideology : Comparison and Contrasts



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Philosophy , Theory and Ideology are words that are hard to decipher Some people think of these three words as different . However , some treat it as different . In to clarify the differences of each , the concept of these three words would be explained in this . The is divided into two parts . First part discusses the definition of Philosophy , Ideology and Theory . The

second part of the is the comparison of the three words

Philosophy , Theory , and Ideology : Comparison and Contrasts

Definition of Philosophy , Ideology and Theory

The words Philosophy , Theology and Ideology are linked with each other In to discuss and compare each , definitions of the words are important . Philosophy is a greek word that came from the words philo and sophia . Philo ' means love and sophia means wisdom . Taking these two words literally , the word philosophy can be defined as the love of wisdom (theophil-bcantens .barry .edu , 2007 . An article from theophil-bcantens .barry .edu (2007 ) had further explained that philosophy is a study of the ultimate . This definition was taken from what the philosophers had said about philosophy and the concepts that have been studied in philosophy . Ideology as defined in the dictionary , according to Rolf Schwarz , is a belief or a set of beliefs , especially the political beliefs on which people , parties , or countries base their actions ' On the other hand , Theory is defined by Curran and Takata (2007 ) as a systematic way of thought about a subject

Comparison of Philosophy , Ideology and Theory

Based on the three meanings , differences can now be seen from the three words . Philosophy is seen as a discipline like a branch of science or a branch of education . It is a subject that has theories and ideologies on its own . On the other hand , Ideology is a belief , meaning a person or a group of person could belief on that particular idea or not . Ideology pertains to any belief , as long as there is a person that believe in an idea then that can be pertained as the ideology of that particular idea A theory is a way of thinking that explains something logically . A theory is usually a way to help clarify the things that are happening around us

As the author had stated , Philosophy is a study of the ultimate Ideologies are sometimes formed based on Philosophy . Most of the in Philosophy is quite complicated and almost all issues are still under debate . According to Aristotle in Metaphysics , All men naturally have an impulse to get knowledge , because there are many things in the world that are yet to be clarified people tend to study why this is so Philosophers tried to explain things and made some theories in philosophy . An example of which is Mentalism . This is considered as a philosophical theory wherein the mind is the true...

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