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Compare and contrast the philosophies of W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran


Quality management is a concept for making sure that all the actions that are necessary to develop and apply the service or product are effective and enough in accordance with the system and its performance Integration of all business functions is also necessary to achieve better results constantly improving the efforts made by staff . Quality depends upon the idea of satisfying the expectations of the customers towards definite products or services . These with discuss Quality Management Theories of Edward Deming and Joseph M . Juran Quality Management Theories Of Edward Deming

And Joseph M . Juran

Aiming at high quality is a dynamic process , which never ends , so the concept of quality management focuses on the idea of working on better quality . It includes every aspect of the system : environment , employers and the working process . The structure must effectively use the workforce in the whole - from the line workers to the CEOs to reach the highest quality

Quality management is not considered a suggestion of a single individual . It is a combination of concept and ideas , and it is associated with lots of notions and famous names . Some resources define Frederick Taylor as the person who invented the concept of quality management , but it is more customary to refer the origin of this concept to the works of Philip B . Crosby , W . Edward Deming and Joseph M . Juran due to the significant impact made by these specialists in the USA and Japan economy in the second half of the 20th century

During the period after the World War II the USA did not face any difficulties in selling the goods produced by the USA manufacturers This situation led the USA manufacturers to constant increasing of production volumes , which affected quality control . The situation in general persuaded the USA manufacturers that they could sell any kind of product even of worse quality , while customers did put severe demands to the quality . The situation in postwar Japan was directly contrary to the situation in the United States . The war left the state exhausted , so the production means were to be rebuilt . Besides , the manufacturers in Japan were also forced to fight with their poor reputation , because it was customary to treat Japanese products as the products of poor quality

Thus , Japan concentrated on improving quality . Japanese staff visited foreign countries to learn the approaches implemented in other states to manage and improve quality . Numerous foreign specialists were invited to Japan to give lectures in quality management . These experts significantly influenced the process of improving quality in this country . Their efforts resulted in improving quality and reducing defects . It took about 20 years to update the industrial system of Japan . The approaches involved teaching the managers of high levels trainers on all levels for managing quality , and using the workforce in the whole . As the result , in the beginning of 1980s the Japanese products , especially in automobile industry and electronic industry exceeded the quality of the products of corresponding branches , produced in the...

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