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Paper Topic:

1. Compare and contrast the longitudinal, cross-sectional, and biographical approaches on which developmental psychologists focus.

Developmental Psychology

Psychology is the study of behaviors , thoughts and feelings of people one of its branches is the developmental psychology , which focuses on the changes and developments that humans undergo across their lifespan The study is often spotlighted in the early years of life because it is expected that changes usually occur in children : as stated by an old proverb , you can not teach new tricks to an old dog . The developmental psychologists use different approaches to conduct a study : the longitudinal , the cross-sectional and the biographical approach

In a

cross-sectional study , observers invite groups of people aged 10 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 , and 70 . Then a series of tests , in controlled settings , will be conducted under a specified time only . The subjects should be well-selected so that education , social and economic status and health would be the same across the age groups . In some studies , the result showed that people of age 20 have greater knowledge skills and learning capacity than the upper age groups . Then as the age increases the learning ability also starts to decline

Using the longitudinal approach , to study the same human ability , the psychologists choose a group of people of common age , for example a group of twenty-year-old people . They will undergo some tests or assessments in some way at a regular interval over a period of their lives , for instance , every after ten years . The tests should be similar but not identical because the observer could be accused and could just simply observe the practice effect

Lastly , the biographical approach focuses on the individual 's experiences from their first hand account of life . Here the researchers find that a person 's early experiences can personality and behavior . This study is conducted to understand the rationale behind a person 's acts

The longitudinal , cross-sectional and biographical approach is the most common methods used by the researchers and psychologists to understand human behavior . Because of these three , many conclusions and generalizations were promulgated that gave us basis in to understand ones ' personalities


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