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Compare and contrast internal and external evaluation; and, why are both important?

Running Head : EVALUATION

The Difference between Internal and External Evaluation (Name (Institution /School (Professor (Subject

The Difference between Internal and External Evaluation

Problems are a constant and vital part of life . It is an inevitable occurrence in a person 's or a group of persons ' lives . It is but normal that a community or a company , will rise to the occasion and find means to alleviate themselves from the hardship that the problem or crisis may be causing them . They find solutions , set up ways , conduct programs or projects that may lead

them to a satisfactory end

As the program or project is put on its way , the group or the community shall standby to monitor every step of the process and gather necessary data . The program is overseen in to find assurance that it is working as planned . Evaluation of the data gathered will then follow (Harvey , 2004

There are two types of evaluation that may be done by a group conducting a program . First of the two is the internal evaluation or a review of the quality of work within the group . This is an assessment of members of the group who are involved in the program . This may also be called as self-evaluation as the company engaged is the one appraising and being appraised . Internal evaluation is done to serve the company 's own purpose . It is commonly done before the company or community move to an external evaluation (Love , 1991

External evaluation is the activity...

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