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Paper Topic:

Compare and contrast the impact of WWII on minority groups within the US. Discuss specifically the impact on African-Americans, Native American (Indians), Mexican Americans and women.

World War II brought about many socio-economic changes into America as it opened up new ways for the minorities as well as women to formally become part of the mainstream American society . Prior to war , women and African American were mostly treated with inferiority and considered as minorities with little or no rights

The impact of World War II on the women has been substantial because it virtually put women into roles which were previously assigned to male only . Women also took part into the war by getting into jobs such as

nursing etc which basically allowed women to be part of the mainstream American society . Apart from this , the minorities also participated into the war and for the first time and were granted many rights specially their segregation into the education system i .e . African American was allowed to study at the schools where children of this minority studied only - they were barred from studying with white children . Racial discrimination in hiring of the employees was also banned , and it was regulated that the employers shall not be discriminate on the basis of race or gender (Brinkley , 2002 . Native Americans and others such as Mexican American were given privilege in terms of their status in the mainstream US society as well as economy

However , it has also been argued that the impacts of WWII have been insignificant in terms the overall socio-economic impact on the society and as a proof of this argument , the civil rights movement of Luther...

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