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Compare and contrast the ideas of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

The Ideal State : According to Socrates , Plato and Aristotle

In general philosophy came into existence when the Greeks discovered dissatisfaction with supernatural and mythical explanations of reality (Kreis , 2000 . Philosophy , as we know it today , obtained the foundation of its teachings from ancient Greeks who wanted a logical explanation to the of the universe we live in . These men wanted to explain society 's dilemmas based on realities they can constitute through reason alone and not through some convention based on mythical uncertainties . Among such men were Socrates , Plato , and Aristotle . All

br three great philosophers believed that man was not self-sufficient and that he needed others in to live . In fact , Socrates , Plato , and Aristotle all believed that man needs to be part of a State in to live a truly good life (Studyworld , 1996-2006 . From this , we can then say that what these three great minds had in common was the idea of an ideal State that can rule over the people . Although Socrates , Plato and Aristotle all believed in the concept of an ideal State , they had differing ideas on how this ideal State would work

Socrates , best known for his method of teaching wherein he would engage in endless conversations with young Athenian students , was the first philosopher (among the three ) to formulate a general idea of the ideal State . Socrates , during his time , openly objected to democracy as a form of government (Wikipedia , 2006 . Direct democracy , which is simply understood as a system of government wherein men directly govern themselves , was the Athenian ruling during Socrates ' time . Socrates believed that a direct democracy was not the best system of ruling because he believed that the average man was not capable of ruling himself effectively . For Socrates , the perfect republic can only be led by philosophers because only philosophers have the wisdom or understanding to do so . Socrates was the first philosopher to come up with the idea of the ideal State and the ideal Ruler for it . However Socrates ' notion of perfect state ruling did not end with him alone but rather , it was passed on to his most prized student - Plato

Plato , like Socrates , believed that it took more than the average man to rule the state effectively . Plato believed that the existence of a state came into being because man alone is not economically self-sufficient . Thus , he needs to live within a society wherein there exists a market and the concept of divided work among men Plato 's concept of justice stems from the notion of divided labor in society . He believes that the interests of individuals should not overlap because conflicting wants often leads to chaos . As a result Plato suggests that the ideal state should be ruled under the principle of divided labor among its leaders . In Plato 's ideal state , there are two apparent divisions in handling state affairs . The first division entails that only the traders are allowed to dabble in the economic undertakings . It is the...

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