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Compare and contrast

The struggle of African-Americans was a long one and was said to have started with the Montgomery Bus boycott which challenged the custom of segregating blacks from the whites . The Civil Rights movement is the political , social , and legal struggle by African-Americans in the United States in to challenge segregation . During the civil rights movements , organizations and individuals took organized marches and boycotts in to put an end to the custom of segregation . While the reforms initiated in the Progressive era was a sweeping one , it did not necessarily proved to have

benefited the African-Americans instead white men were the ones that gained from such reforms . Admittedly African-Americans were restricted with social customs that dictated a secondary place for them . Negroes were omitted from any reforms in the Progressive era and their struggle to overcome inequality and racial discrimination did not particularly profit from many of the changes that took place . Although there were reformers who aggressively tackled the issues of African-Americans , they did so reluctantly

Since the days of Abraham Lincoln , African-Americans have tried to make a political home with the Republicans while the Democrats on the other hand stood for white supremacy . African-Americans faced severe discrimination in their daily and political lives . The Jim Crow Laws particularly made it difficult for them to overcome such discrimination but African-Americans fought fiercely as set by Lola Houck of Victoria Texas , brought a lawsuit against the Southern Pacific Railway . Houck was denied entry to the first-class car when the conductor realised she was black . The brakeman on the other hand made fun of her , threw her flowers and shoved her that she fell and tore her dress . For fear of staying with drunken rowdies in the Jim Crow ' car , Houck stayed in the open-air platform where she was soaked from the rainstorm thus becoming ill from the experience and lost her baby through miscarriage The jury favored Houck and awarded her 5 ,000 although this was reduced to 2500 on appeal

To protest segregation , African-Americans formed organizations which helped blacks in their efforts to recognize equality among whites and blacks . Organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP ) became one of the most important organizations for African-American protests . It used legal strategies in to challenge segregation and discrimination in courts and achieve better treatment of blacks . One of the NAACP 's famous and early leaders is W .E .B . Du Bois , an editor for the Crisis , a voice which became the blacks ' advancement and protector for civil rights . NAACP lawyers won many victories in the issue of segregation although they were not able to convince Congress to outlaw lynching in the 1920s and 1930s . The movement was said to have ended with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 although this has been subject to debate as whether this marked the end

While the African-American movement in the pursuit for equality , civil rights and suffrage was a long and fierce one , the movement for...

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