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Paper Topic:

5. Compare and contrast current models of abnormal behavior: the biological model, the psychoanalytic model, the cognitive-behavioral model, the diathesis-stress model, and systems theory.


Compare and contrast current models of abnormal behavior : the biological model , the psychoanalytic model , the cognitive-behavioral model , the diathesis-stress model , and systems theory

Abnormal psychology is mainly the scientific study regarding abnormal behaviors in relation to predicting , explaining , exploring the causes and the possible solution to this psychological problem . On particular perspective , the aspect of abnormal psychology focuses on the medical definition of the term , which is the behavior constituting reactions outside the normal paradigm or beyond social and medical standard comparison . Other criteria for the definition of the

said concept include destructive , disturbing , deviation from normal individual functions

On the study of abnormal psychology , several models are used for evaluating abnormal behaviors with each focusing on a certain factor or perspective . One of which is the cognitive-behavioral model which views the abnormality to be the result of distorted or irrational thinking leading to faulty reasoning and inappropriate behavior . Another is the psychoanalytic model relating the abnormal behavior as the product of unresolved psychological conflicts from early childhood experiences and from intrapsychic conflict between the person 's selfish desires of his or her id and demands of social responsibilities and personal conscience . The diathesis-stress model on the other hand , focuses the dynamics between the diathesis and individual 's stress factor . The diathesis being the predisposition or susceptibility of the person towards developing a dis and the stress , which is the response of an individual with his or her experiences that are perceived to be exceeding his or her own capabilities are viewed as significant factors contributing to the development of abnormal behavior . On a different view , the biological model focuses on the structural function in the brain as the cause of abnormal behavior . This model includes chemical or hormonal imbalances , genetic vulnerability , drug intervention and others as the factors disturbing the normal functions of the brain affecting causing abnormalities in the behavior of the person . Finally , the family system model emphasize the influence of the family unit on the individual 's behavior wherein the unhealthy family dynamics and poor communication inside the group results to the abnormal behavior in an individual . Using these different models and others that psychologist and medical experts evaluate , study , and address the issues and problems caused by the abnormal behavior in an individual...

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