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8. Compare and contrast client-centered therapy with Gestalt therapy in terms of the goals of therapy, the role of the therapist, and therapeutic effectiveness.


Compare and contrast client-centered therapy with Gestalt therapy in terms of the goals of therapy , the role of the therapist , and therapeutic effectiveness

One of the primary concern of the field of psychology is the treat the psychological diss and problems of the society . As the field of psychology pertains to the study and exploration of the field relating to the human psyche and behavior , among their primary objectives is the determination and development of an effective approach for treating psychological problems and diss . Among their common cases are

depression , psychological abnormalities , anger management and others wherein each psychologist employs a specific approach or model of treatment based on the nature of the problem and the subject involved Each psychological therapy has their own unique approach or technique in dealing with the problem or diss wherein these specific characteristics becomes their advantage over a certain condition Because of this , the determination of the specific therapy approach depends primarily on the condition of the situation and the perspective of psychologist applying the therapy . Two of the commonly applied psychological therapies are the gestalt approach and the client-centered approach

One of the primary differences between the two psychological therapies is their style of approach . The client-centered therapy employs a non-directive approach wherein the therapist does not ask questions offer treatments , and make interpretations and diagnosis . The role of the therapist in this therapy is to primarily listen and understand the issue and the situation through the client 's point-of-view . In this approach , the therapist must presently understand the situation particularly on issues where the client is unsure and become congruent and transparent to manifests as the empathic reflection of the personality of the client during the session . In this approach , the primary objective of the therapy is to reflect back the understanding and reasoning of the client through becoming the overlooked image of him or herself thus , offering a complete awareness of the client 's perspective . Through the revelation and the manifestation of the point-of-view and opinion of the client , that he or she will come to understand other issues and aspect regarding the problem being discussed in the session . On the other hand , gestalt therapy is a more directive approach wherein the therapist presence modulates the session and directs the client towards the stages of the session . Gestalt therapy is an existential and experimentation psychotherapy emphasizing on the personal responsibility of the client to reorganize his or her cognitive thoughts . This approach focuses on the experiences of the client in the present moment through the therapist-client relationship and environment . In a gestalt therapy session , the client must alert him or herself towards the relationship of awareness and energy as related to his or her own individual personality through the directive intervention of the therapist . Indeed , thought the client-centered and gestalt therapy are opposite in nature and approach , both of the two approach are effective in resolving the personal conflict and psychological problems of an individual thus , resulting to a complete...

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