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Compare and contrast the Populist and Progressive Movements. How did the Populists see the nation and American society. How did they hope to change it? What was their vision for the future? How did the Progressives see the nation and American society, how

Populist vs . Progressive Movements


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July 8 , 2006

Progressive vs . Populist Movements

Power to the People ' is a famous political slogan that defines the populist movement . In short the populist movement encompassed the belief that greater participation from the general population of the United States was necessary to protect individuals from inflexible bureaucracy and financial conglomerates (Definition , 2006 . Populism emerged in the 1890 's as a very spirited movement that caused growing alarm in the hearts of elected officials and bureaucrats . The desire

of the Populists was to restructure American politics especially in the area of massive campaign contributions from special interest groups that were quite often the force that garnered election for a candidate . The Populist 's formed the People 's party , which was free of corporate influence , and did quite well in 1892 , garnering over a million votes (Definition , 2006

The Populist Part Platform , written July 4 , 1892 , included these statements

We seek to restore the government of the Republic to the hands of the plain people

.we meet in the midst of a nation brought to the verge of moral political and material ruin . Corruption dominates the ballot-box

The fruits of the toils of millions are boldly stolen to build up colossal fortunes for a few , unprecedented in the history of mankind

.From the same prolific womb of governmental injustice we breed the two great classes tramps and millionaires (Populist Party Platform , 2006

Clearly the Populists felt that big business and government were destroying the very

foundation our nation was built upon , and creating a system that would include the super-rich and the super-poor , with nothing in-between . In the same party platform , the Populist party demanded a graduated income tax , demanded that the people must own the railroads , that the money made by the individual should remain in that individual 's hands demanded a national currency that was safe , sound and flexible and demanded that the land should not be monopolized for speculative purposes , further that alien ownership of land should be prohibited based on the idea that the land in the United States was the heritage of the people (Populist Platform , 2006

While the People 's party suffered a setback in 1896 due to their joining with the Democratic party in an effort to get William Jennings Bryant elected , they created a further political platform on July 24 1896 reaffirming its allegiance to the above stated principles (Populist Platform , 2006 . The Populist Party , in addition to desiring to keep the government in check had ideological ideas encompassing nativism and racial tolerance , equality for women and a resistance to the growing disparity between the experiences of rural Americans and those of the urban middle class (Edwards , 2006

In an essay written by A . V . Krebs , he likened the issue of food to corporate culture 's powerful influence on individual human beings on a daily basis ' saying that food , next to life itself , is our greatest common denominator (Krebs , 1995 ) Krebs...

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