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Compare and contrast the North, South, and new west from 1800-1865

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The Northern United States consists of a wide variety of people from different religious , ethnic and cultural backgrounds . Dutch , Swedes and Puritans were the early settlers who lived here before the American Revolution . Agriculture did not develop extensively here because the climate was cold and soils were rockier . Northern farmers were mainly subsistence farmers . They grew corn , wheat , beans and livestock . By the start of the nineteenth century the industrial revolution began in the North . Many European

immigrants like the Irish , Germans and Scandinavians also moved to the North in large numbers . This led to the creation of large cities . Cincinnati , Chicago , Cleveland , Boston Philadelphia and New York City were all large cities in the North (Milner , 1996

The North had an industrial sector with advanced financial and commercial services . Most of the farms in the North used free labor . The massive immigration of the 19th century brought new industries to America 's North to provide for the booming population . The North provided the greatest opportunities to new settlers . The Northern states were becoming more and more powerful as the populations increased

There was a desire in the Northern states to abolish slavery in the West which would soon become states . The economical structure of the Northern states , the Union , was vastly dependent on industry . Slavery did not exist in most of the Union , as there was no demand for it due to the type of industrial development taking place . As the Union had a paid work force , the profits made were lower and the cost of the finished manufactured item higher . In turn , the Union used the profits and purchased raw materials to use . This cycle is referred to as interdependency

The Southern United States constitutes a large geographical location which is famous for the early European colonial settlements , slavery American Civil War and the legacy of the Confederate States . The American South was settled by British Colonists which also included Scots and Ulster-Scots . These people began their trade and cultural exchanges with the local Native Americans . The South witnessed the creation of large plantations which grew cash crops like cotton and tobacco . The South did not receive foreign immigration before the American Civil War . The population of the South was also mostly rural There were very few large towns and cities . Slavery was considered a vital practice for the South 's economy . Wealthy slave owners dominated Southern politics and they defended the institution of slavery vigorously . This issue sharply divided the North and South . It would eventually lead to the American Civil War . Southerners also resented the domination of the North in American politics (Milner , 1996 . The economy of the Southern states , the Confederacy , greatly if not entirely depended on the institution of slavery . The Confederacy was heavily reliant on agriculture , and they used the profits made from the sale of such raw materials to purchase finished goods to use and enjoy . Their major export was cotton...

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