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Compare and contrast Johnathan Edwards- an apologist for New England`s Puritanism and theocracy- with Benjamin Franklin- a business man, scientist, man of affairs and prophet of a new Amercian democracy. How has each contributed to American values?

Shaping American Values

The Significant Role Played by Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin

The United States of America , with its 50 states and home to hundreds of millions of people was only a part of North America when Columbus discovered it . The U .S . would have stayed the same if not for the influence of the Puritans , the first serious wave of immigrants to the land of the free and the other more liberal group Christian Europeans who decided to settle here for good

There can be no better representation for the

Puritanism that transformed this country other than the person of Jonathan Edwards . With regards to those who are still passionate with their love for God but were able to express it in more pragmatic ways , it is Benjamin Franklin that can fittingly represent them

This study is aimed at discovering why these two figures loomed large in the history of this nation . It will also deal with the how and why Edwards and Franklin could not be easily forgotten . In the words of Oberg and Stout , It is difficult if not impossible to think of two more widely studied colonial figures than Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards . On Edwards alone there have been more than 1 ,500 books articles , and dissertations published in the last century . Scholarship on Franklin is no less impressive (1993 ,

. 2

But before going deeper into the discussion it is imperative to have a bit of a background study in to understand these two spiritual and moral giants of American history

Benjamin Franklin

While Jonathan Edwards modeled the necessary behavior in becoming a Man of God , Benjamin Franklin on the other hand showed how Americans could rise up from mediocrity even though the odds are against them . Franklin exemplified the use of the proven American formula of working to the point of exhaustion and saving money earned to the point of being ridiculed for not being able to afford the finer things of life Franklin was not only a hard worker and adventurous fellow he was more than that . He was able to maximize what he had that it was difficult to know whether it is his God given talents that made him successful or his fierce determination to make something out of his life

Ryan Randolph 's biography of the great American can be summarized with the following focus on Franklin 's achievements

He became an apprentice printer when his family could not afford the type of education that could make one a clergy

He became a learned man through reading and was able to train himself to become a good writer

He learned how set-up his own successful printing business acquiring a news in the process

He became an inventor and achieved international renown with his experiments

He became a patriot laboring unceasingly for America 's Independence

What Randolph recorded as Franklin 's achievements was unbelievable considering that it was the work of one man that was not born with...

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