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Compare and contrast Industrial Marketing Research with Consumer Marketing Research.

Compare and contrast Industrial Marketing Research with Consumer Marketing Research


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Market Research is considered to be a type of business research Business-to-Business Marketing Research was earlier called as the Industrial Marketing Research (Industrial Marketing Committee Review Board , 1954 ) Industrial or business-to-business is a unique part of the research market , dealing with research on product use or services in the business zone . Industrial market research is a field where developed scientific method is necessary (Self , 1964 ) Such research extends over a broad band of subjects-starting from product

testing for the purpose of industrial use , their necessitated functional , design and other aspects-to unique types of sponsorship , price structure user-satisfaction , means as well as forms of direct sale or distribution through particular channels , product or service image , the importance of trade fairs , exhibitions as well as demonstration facilities , and particular weakness as well as strengths in comparison to competition In pursuit of industrial market , research analyses the equal process and tools as applied with consumer market research , tailored as essential depending on the kind and complexity of the object of the research (Research projects : Methodology ) Consumer marketing research is a kind of functional sociology that focuses on learning the attitudes , whims as well as preferences of consumers in a market-based economy . The arena of consumer marketing research as a statistical science was championed by Arthur Nielsen with the formation of the ACNielsen Company in the year 1923 (Marketing research : Wikipedia

There prevail four crucial determinants that turn the industrial market research and consumer market research to be different : Firstly , the decision formulating unit is more intricate in industrial markets than that in the consumer markets . Secondly , the industrial products and their applications are more compound than consumer products . Thirdly the industrial marketers deal much with a few numbers of customers those who are much greater in their consumption of products than actually is in consumer markets and finally , personal links are crucial in industrial marketing research than that of the consumer market research (B2B Marketing--Publications : White s

The study on decision-making in industrial markets is very intricate or at the minimum it has the power to be so . Taking into consideration the intricacy of the decision making unit and the many influences on such decisions , it is no surprise that it is problematic to reach at a need based division in industrial market research . The study of industrial products and their applications are far more possibly being compounded than is the reality in the consumer markets research . While the purchase of a consumer product necessitates less expertise , the purchase of an industrial product often necessitates a qualified expert to deal with it . On the other hand , industrial products regularly have to be incorporated into the broader systems and due to this have really unique necessities and require intimate , expert analysis as well as modification . Such differentiations have much effect on the study of consumer and industrial products to be marketed (B2B Marketing--Publications : White s

Further most of the industrial market...

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