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Compare And contrast of Europe and Asia


Compare and Contrast Europe and Asia

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Compare and Contrast Europe and Asia

The geographical differences between the east and the west are among the most common distinctions that are given in to identify the two different parts of the world . In line with this , it cannot be prevented that the development of the civilizations of Europe and Asia during the medieval times is compared

During the Medieval Ages , the social

, political , and military aspects of Europe 's society were largely influenced by feudalism . Land plays an important role during this time as this was seen as a source of power The political system that was observable during that time is between the feudal lords and his tenants . In relation to this , military power was also important because those who have this could assert and maintain control of the land as well as amass their own wealth . The essential part of military was in response to the weakness of their government . In terms of the social area of Europe , almost all people were involved in agricultural activities (Singman , 1999

On the other hand , China , Japan , and the Middle East during this time had its respective similarities and differences with Europe . China was lead by dynasties and during the medieval period , it was under the leadership of strong autocratic tendencies that are supervised by means of a secret police . The military also had...

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