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Compare and contrast the New Deal and the Great Society.

New Deal is the term coined for the domestic program under the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt . This reform consisted of phases in an attempt to provide recovery and relief from the Great Depression and measures to provide for social and economic legislation to benefit the majority of working people . When the Wall Street crashed in October 1929 , making it the worst depression that struck the United States Roosevelt attempted to provide work to those affected citizens . Among his efforts to provide work to those who lost their jobs and old

people were to set up the New York State Emergency Relief Commission . This was before he became the President . Thus , in the Presidential race against Herbert Hoover despite being vague about his plans in beating the economic depression , Roosevelt won

President Roosevelt then convened with Congress in to address the problem of unemployment all over the country . According to him , in to solve this problem , employment must come from the government itself . In the days that followed , Roosevelt proposed a series of bills while Congress passed such . One of the most important pieces of reform of President Roosevelt was dealing with country 's banking catastrophe Because of the Depression , one-fifth of all banks were forced to close and many people were starting to lose their life 's savings . Roosevelt asked Congress to legislate a law which will protect the saver 's investment in case there was another crisis . This measure restored the American 's faith in banks and people started to deposit their money in banks thus exceeding withdrawals

While Roosevelt and New Deal primarily addressed the problem of unemployment , Roosevelt also wanted to alleviate the desolation of those unable to find work by providing federal money to those in desperate need through the Federal Emergency Relief Administration . Probably one of the most important legislation and mark left by the New Deal is the Social Security Act which set up a national system of old-age pensions and also coordinated relief for those unemployed . The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA ) which was spearheaded by Larry Hopkins , a former social worker , sent funds to depleting local relief agencies Hopkins believed that men should not be given charity but rather work The FERA eventually revitalized the government 's relief programs which were already deteriorating

The New Deal eventually brought the country out of its economic depression . Although the endorsement from agrarian , liberal and labor groups slackened in 1937 due to the growing opposition from the Republicans for factors such as high government spending and taxes and the centralization of power in the executive branch of the government while increased emphasis and interest on affairs , the New Deal nevertheless is considered as a success . This success was primarily because of the fervent and solid support of the American people President Roosevelt despite being unsure of what measures to take to address the economic problem

On the other hand , while the New Deal was a direct response to the economic depression...

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