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Paper Topic:

Compare and Contrast the Positive and Classical Schools of Criminology and Can we predict criminal behavior while relying on biological or psychological theories?

p There are similarities and differences between the Positive and classical schools of criminology . There are similarities between the Positive and Classical Schools of Criminology . One of the similarities is that both the positivist school agreed with the classical school of criminology that a majority of the crimes committed can be explained as caused by human nature . Another similarity is that both schools deal with predicting the next crime incident (Howard , 2001

Further , there are differences between the Positive and Classical Schools of Criminology . The classical school in criminology refers to

the 18th century work during the enlightenment by the utilitarian and social contract philosophers . They were Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria . They had studied how the criminal justice system worked . They studied the reasons why a person commits a crime while other persons are not inclined to violate any law . These two philosophers believed that man is a calculating animal . He loves to calculate the advantages and disadvantages of committing a crime

He or she also likes to determine the best way to commit a crime in terms of getting the better end of the illegal act . The classical school is bent on espousing their tenet that man has a free will (Presdees 2000

And , this means that he is free to commit a crime . He is also free not to commit a crime . The classical school also adheres to the theory that a person must be punished in to deter any future crime by both the criminal...

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