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Compare and analyze the two poems `To His Coy Mistress` and `A Late Aubade`.

`To His Coy Mistress` and `A Late Aubade`

Andrew Marvell is one of the greatest metaphysical of the 17th century His reputation as a lyric poet is built on `To His Coy Mistress , a classic in metaphysical poetry , ranks close to the best secular poems of John Donne . He has written lyrical verses , odes and political verse satires . Richard Wilbur is the greatest living English-language poet . His poetic career ranges from 1943-2004 . He offered language that delights and instructs , though it does not instructs by preaching rather by clarification . One of the

best love poems written by him is `A Late Aubade

In the poem `To Hi Coy Mistress , the poet delves into the mind of the young lover and expresses his plea to his coy mistress to accept his declaration of love . Since youth and beauty are transient , his lady should not be shy but take advantage of the moment and utilize the time in loving each other . He farther says that if they had time , he would love her ten years before the flood and she can refuse till all the Jews gets converted (The `flood ' which he mentions in the poem refers to Noah , a part of the Genesis in the bible . The flood is supposed to happen sometime after creation . Most Jews were never converted . The conversion of the Jews in supposed to happen before Armageddon . He would court her for ages by praising her beautiful features and different body parts for hundreds and thousands of years . However time is quickly passing by : Time 's wingid chariot hurrying near . This line has a link to Roman mythology , where Apollo 's flying chariot drove the sun . It refers to the power of time . Humans are mortals and with passage of time they will get old and die . So they should not delay any more and take advantage of their `youthful hue ' and their `instant fires ' of passion . They should take pleasure by fulfilling their physical desires and behave like `amorous birds of prey . They cannot make the `Time `stand still ' but they will enjoy the pleasures of life with such vigor and zeal that they will make `Time ' run to catch up with them

`To his Coy Mistress ' is a metaphysical poem . In this poem , a metaphysical or abstract quality is compared to a concrete or physical object . The poet compares `love ' to a `vegetable . Metaphysical poetry usually ridicules the idealized romantic poetry by using crude or shocking imagery . Marvell uses the images of `worms ' in these lines then worms shall try

That long-preserved virginity (lines 27-28 ) to criticize idealized romantic poetry . This genre of poetry expresses personal or private feeling and there is gross exaggeration or use of hyperboles . In the poem , the lover expresses his personal feelings of love and passions for his beloved . There is lot of exaggerations used in the passage where he wants to praise the beauty of his lady and her heart for ages . Like metaphysical poetry , the poem presents...

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