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Compare and Contrast 2 religions

The concept of religion has existed for thousands of years . While many different types are in existence today , there are three in particular that have played a crucial role in the history of humanity . These are Judaism , Christianity , and Islam . The focus , however , will be on the first two

Like all things , there are similarities and differences between the two religions . The similarities include the following : first , as stated both Judaism and Christianity are among the oldest religions still in practice today . Secondly , both evolved over several centuries to become profoundly

influential in the daily lives of those who are devout followers of each . Next , each faith has specific tenets that its followers adhere to then , within each faith , there is a break down with regard to how those tenets are followed . Finally , and most importantly each faith believes that there is only one God , and that it is he who is in control of all that occurs in the world

The differences include the following : first , Judaism recognizes Jesus as a prophet of God , but in Christianity , he is accepted as the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity . Secondly , Judaism celebrates the Passover and keeps the Sabbath on Saturday Christianity keeps their Sabbath on Sunday , and Passover is not celebrated . Third , Judaism engages in the practice of circumcision , while within Christianity circumcision is done at the discretion of the parents . Fourth Christianity views the entire Bible as sacred text , while Judaism only utilizes the Old Testament...

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