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Compare and Contrast the powers of the State of Texas Executive Branch, and the United States Executive Branch.






Comparing and contrasting the powers of the United States Executive Branch and the State of Texas Executive Branch

The United States Executive Branch is the branch of the federal government of the United States that deals with the enforcement of the laws and is headed by the president . Due to the expansive nature of this sector of the government , the president works together with the vice president , members of the cabinet as well as those who have been appointed to head various independent

agencies . The president 's roles are clearly defined in the constitution of the United States in which he is the official leader of the federal government or head of state . He is also commander in chief of the armed forces . For the purpose of execution of duties as head of state , the president carries out meetings with various leaders from other countries or governments . The president can enter into an agreement with such countries as he recognises as official but the senate 's approval is necessary before any such agreement is officiated . The president 's role as commander in chief of the armed forces allows him to give approval for the use of troops overseas but he must not declare war without approval from the congress .The president in the USA executive branch holds three main offices namely head of state , administration and legislative powers . With the approval of the senate , the president appoints all heads of departments in the executive branch . He also has the power to request from these departmental heads , any opinion that they have on particular issues in their areas of administration . The vice president is the leader of the senate and in the event that a president dies or is not in a position to perform his duties , the vice president will assume the office of president

The heads of various departments within the executive branch act as the president 's advisors whereby they will bring forth policy issues in their areas of jurisdiction and they will also ensure the application of such policies (Sobel Syl , Tanzey Pam

The Texas State is one of the constituent federal state of the entire United States of America (USA . Every state if headed by a governor who works together with other officially elected persons to manage the general running of state affairs . Each of the states is governed by clear cut laws and regulations and the laws will differ from state to state . Like in most of the other state governments , there is a division of power into three main powers namely the judicial branch , the legislature and the executive . Every branch handles specific duties of the state as specified in the constitution . In the state of Texas , the executive branch handles state law determining how the law is administered and also enforced . Several law enforcers are elected into office and these constitute the executive branch of the state . These law enforcers are such as the governor , attorney general , agriculture...

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