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Compare and Contrast the personality theories of Sigmund Frued and Alfred Adler

People are motivated by social interest and by finding goals to strive for

Alfred Adler maybe regarded as the ancestral figure of the new social psychological look ' because he broke with Freud over the issue of sexuality , and proceeded to develop a theory in which social interest and a striving for superiority became two of its most substantial conceptual pillars . Adler was the first psychoanalyst to emphasize the fundamental social nature of humans . In sharp contrast to Freud 's major assumption that human behavior is motivated by inborn instincts , Adler assumed

that humans are motivated primarily by social urges . Humans are according to Adler , inherently social beings . In one sense , then , Adler is just as biological in his viewpoints as Freud . Both assume that a person has an inherent nature that shapes his or her personality . Freud emphasized sex , and Adler stressed social interest . This emphasis upon the social determinants of behavior that had been overlooked or minimized by Freud is probably Adler 's greatest contribution to psychological theory . Adler 's second major contribution to personality theory is his concept of the creative self . Unlike Freud 's ego , which consist of a group of psychological processes serving the ends of inborn instincts , Adler 's self is highly personalized , subjective system that interprets and make meaningful that will aid the fulfilling the person 's unique style of life . A third feature of Adler 's psychology that sets it apart from classical psychoanalysis is its emphasis upon the uniqueness of personality . Adler considered each person to be unique configuration of motives , traits , interests , and values every act performed by the person bears the stamp of his or her own distinctive style of life Adler 's theory of person mini9mized the sexual instinct that in Freud 's early theorizing had played an almost...

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