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`Compare and Contrast the three main Sociological Perspectives`

Components Of Knowledge Management System : Depending upon the business prospective , the components of KMS can be people , processes and technology or it could be culture , structure or technology (Spender Scherer , 2007 . Here people or culture represents the capabilities of employees who can create the knowledge components .Processes is the methodology that is employed while creation of knowledge assets while technology refers to the tools that aid the development of these assets . But in terms of architecture , a typical Knowledge Management System consists of three components .These are enlisted as follows

1 . Knowledge

Portal : Knowledge portal refers to the interface where the users can access the knowledge artifacts

2 . Knowledge Components : Knowledge component is an independent element that can be used any number of times in conjunction with other object to serve the requirement of a user . Example can be a book or a document on required subject or a web address that has the required information

3 . Knowledge Repository : Knowledge repository is the actual server where all the knowledge assets are hosted or it could be a library where all the documents , s or databases are kept so that knowledge user can access them whenever he or she requires

Knowledge System as a performance booster : knowledge system can boost the operational efficiencies of employees by negating the probabilities of re-inventing a wheel as effort done by one employee can be used to help another employee so that he can concentrate on different area These are also very useful as knowledge transfer tools and aid in training of new employees . The proper documentation of knowledge also helps to preserve the work done by an employee even when that employee leaves the organization

Conclusion : In the field of education and academics Knowledge Management System is definitely a boon . Thanks to knowledge management...

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