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Compare and Contrast Essay

The United States of America was always some kind of a Utopia to me Everyone around me was always extolling its values : diverse , abundant and free . The last especially appealed to me , because it meant freedom from what I have experienced in the Philippines : want and lost opporunities . I was of course sad that I was leaving all my friends behind (this was way before the advent of e-mail and international text messaging became fashionable in the Philippines , but I was also excited to live a new life in a country where the

sun is not so unmerciful , a sun that does not readily toast your skin brown , or make your sweat sour as local vinegar . Or a country that can provide quality education , even if you can only afford to go to public school . I had the impression that America is paradise , yet when I got to experience living here , I realized that it was just like any other country any other country but mine . For all its variations of food , I still missed pork adobo (stewed pork ) back home . I also felt that I will always be a stranger here among Americans . I was also disillusioned , having to accept that the America of my dreams is not the real America

The first time I walked into a grocery store , I was overwhlemed by the variants of junk food available , and the sizes they came in . In the Philippines , since the people were of smaller build , serving sizes only came in small , regular (or medium , and large . Here , there were other sizes beyond large . I was contemplating how an American family is able to finish such proportions without succumbing to indigestion . There were also a lot of food my teenage consciousness was delighted in seeing that it was abundant here : chocolate pudding , chocolate bars , etc . In the Philippines , such are not rare , but pricey . Since they are pricey , only certain stores opt to sell them in the Philippines . In my homeland , one can live without money in the province all you had to have is land and some farming implements , plus the seed of whatever plant you will grow of course . But then , as years passed , it became very difficult to live solely off the land . Landlords have been taking the land away , and developing them into non-agricultural lands . This was due to the government 's agrarian reform program , wherein land that was used for agriculture that exceeds a certain number of hectares , is to be sequestered by the government . This resulted in hunger for families that relied mainly on the land

I also feel that I will never understand Americans not linguistically but emotionally . It is as if there is a barrier between me and them . I feel like I am talking to them through a glass barrier I can hear them and they can hear me , but when I try to reach out , all I touch is the cold glass surface . I miss the rapport with my...

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