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Paper Topic:

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast "A Sorrowful Woman " and "A Secret Sorrow " are stories that both reflect the struggles of two women in their respective relationships The lead character in the former is married to a good man and has one child . Fai , the woman in the latter story , is engaged to a good person and her dilemma lies in knowing that she can 't bear children

Love for some is the ultimate answer to every problem in a person 's life . With love , nothing is insurmountable . However , love in the two stories did not

result to happiness for one of the characters

In "A Secret Sorrow " Fai feels that the only for her to achieve fulfillment and true happiness is to get married and have children Unfortunately , her fate dictates otherwise . This resulted to a critical point in her relationship with her fiancye . Fai was expecting that her man would leave her once he knew of her disability . On the other hand the lady in "A Sorrowful Woman " has a husband and child but finds herself sick and tired of what she had

The two women approached their problems in different manners . Fai disclosed her true condition to her boyfriend and gave him the choice to find another person who could bore him children . After tearful episodes , the couple resolved their problem and ended up marrying and being happy . Meanwhile , the married woman isolated herself from her family . Instead of airing her side and letting her husband and child knew about the situation , she chose to lock herself in her room and stopped doing the usual things she did . In the end , the woman left her family , choosing the coward 's way out by ending her life

To sum it up , the two female characters showed different coping mechanisms . Fai dealt with her problem head-on and was able to display a good set of coping mechanisms . The woman in the other story was the opposite and had ineffective coping skills

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