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Compare and Contrast

Everyday Use ' by Alice Walker


Everyday Use ' by Alice Walker is a short story told by a common African-American woman who lives in the Deep South . The story humorously portrays the lives of two sisters , Dee and Maggie , who are entailed with opposite characters and ideas towards cultural heritage and family values . Maggie is shown as a rural girl with traditional values , whereas Dee is a modern girl with progressive views and ideas towards the position of woman in society , cultural traditions and family relations Dee prefers to be called

Wangero as she is well-educated and successful young lady , though she scorn her African roots . Actually , in her short story , Alice Walker stresses the people have different opinion towards the role of cultural identity

Maggie and Dee

Everyday Use ' contradicts idea that if children are brought up in one family and in the same social environment , they will likely to have similar characters and similar family values . Nevertheless , the story shows that our life isn 't as easy as it may seem . I think that the only similar thing between two sisters is the fact that they have common mother and are brought up at the same home . The similarities stop here Dee and Maggie are absolutely different in appearance and , moreover their ideas about cultural heritage differ dramatically as well . For example , Dee is depicted as more attractive lady compared with Maggie Maggie is awkward and skinny girl and Maggie 's mother says that good looks passed her by . Moreover , Maggie isn 't confident and her self-esteem is lowered : her chin is on her chest and her eyes are looking always on the ground . Dee is Maggie 's opposite . She is pretty and attractive young lady with nice hair and alluring figure . Dee thinks that she should be very proud of such appearance . Dee 's clothing is modern and fashionable and even her feet are always neat-looking

Besides different appearance sisters are entailed with different characters and personalities . For example , in the beginning of the story Maggie is shown to be rather nervous that her sister is going to visit them . In other words , Maggie fells inferior and sister 's visit makes her feel uncomfortable and she prefers to go away to the safety of her house - she always attempts to make a dash for the house . I think that Dee intimidates Maggie as she is strong-willed and firm of purpose , whereas Dee 's personality is weak . Dee is bold , courageous and self-assured whereas Maggie is timid , modest and immature personality . From the very childhood Dee always expressed her real essence , whereas Maggie was always afraid of wrong ideas and actions . She was afraid of people 's reproaches and rumors . For example mother notes that she would always look anyone in the eye hesitation was no part of her nature

Further , Dee is rather selfish as she decides to get butter churn though her family is still using it . In such a way , Dee shows neglect and...

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