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Compare and Contrast Essay

You have to have men who are moral and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling . without passion . without judgment without judgment . Because it 's judgment that defeats us

It is with this judgment that is lacking in actual action for both Corad 's novel and Coppola 's movie that unifies the two . Both works are without the form of judgment and thus there is no balance between the idea and action of prejudice committed by the main characters

The limited depiction of

female characters in Joseph Conrad 's Heart of Darkness and the way in which the three female characters are referred to by Marlow reflect Marlow 's view of women as inferior . Marlow 's opinion of women manifests the typical 19th century views of women . As the women in Conrad 's novel are considered inferior so does Kurtz 's character consider the natives inferior or like children , which is one of the ways in which he justifies his being God to them . Just as Marlow dominates the female in the novel so does Kurtz dominate the native in the movie , as Kurtz states , We must kill them . We must incinerate them . Pig after pig . Cow after cow . Village after village . Army after army

Perhaps Marlow 's choice to lie to the Intended was because of a similar female influence on his life .his Aunt . In a way Marlow compares the Intended to his Aunt in which both women are weaker than him . For a man in the early 19th century , he believes that they are delicate and something ' that needs to be tenderly cared for . He says "It is queer how out of touch with the truth women are . They live in a world of their own , and there...

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