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Compare and Contrast the different military tactics of the Greek and Trojan armies during the Trogan War

The different military tactics of the Greek and Trojan armies during the Trojan War

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Overview 02

2 .0 Weapons , Tactics , Armor , Ships , and Fighting Styles 04

3 .0 Facts 07

4 .0 Conclusion 10

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The cause for the Trojan War began much before the Greek hero Achilles was born . Zeus and Poseidon tried to force Thetis , the sea-goddess to lay with them . Prometheus warned them that any son born to Thetis would become

greater than his father , and probably rule Olympus . Zeus decided to marry Thetis off to a mortal

Zeus chose the hero Pelus , son of Aeacus , as the most worthy of mortals All the gods and goddesses attended her wedding except Eris , the goddess of discord . A golden apple thrown be her amidst the wedding crowd makes the goddesses , Hera , Athena and Aphrodite to claim possession of it as their rightful own . Zeus , wishing to have no part in this directs Hermes to refer the arbitration to Paris , a Trojan prince

The three goddesses offer to reward him if he chose her . Athena offers to make him a great hero or general Hera offers to make him ruler of the richest and powerful kingdom while Aphrodite offers him the most beautiful woman in the world in marriage , Helen of Sparta . Paris decides in favor of Aphrodite , and offers her the golden apple thrown by Eris Troy was to suffer the enmity of the other two most powerful goddesses

But Helen had many powerful Greek suitors wooing her in Sparta at the same time . Her father , Tyndare 's or Tyndareus (her real father was Zeus , king of Sparta , requested the help of Odysseus , the King of Ithaca . He asked each suitor to swear in oath , that they would defend the interests of whoever Helen chooses to marry . All the suitors agreed and swore to accept whoever became Helen 's husband

Helen chooses Menelaus as her husband . Menela 's , the son of Atreus , and brother of Agamemnon , the king of Mycenae , marries Helen and Tyndare 's abdicates his throne , leaving Menela 's to become the king of Sparta

Paris , living in Mount Ida with his wife Oe , abandons her for Helen Despite warnings from his brother and sister , Helenus and Cassandra that his journey would end in destruction of Troy , Paris sails to Greece with his cousin Aeneas

At Sparta , Aphrodite makes Helen fall in love with Paris . In Menela 's absence , Helen runs off to Troy with Paris with most of the treasure leaving her daughter , Hermione , behind

When HYPERLINK "http /www .timelessmyths .com /classical /sparta .html " \l "Menelaus " Menela 's returns to Sparta to find Helen gone , he calls Helen 's former suitors to fulfill their obligations and aid him in bringing her back . They all answer Menela 's ' call to arms , bringing contingents of men and ships with them . Menela 's ' brother , Agamemnon king of Mycenae , brings 100 ships with him , and...

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