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Compare/Contrast a case study with a Successful StrategicTechnology Management Process with a case study that has an Unsuccessful Strategic Technology Management Process


In a world of modern technologies where everything needs to be highly industrialized , it is best for organizations to go through a systematic approach in dealing with businesses in to achieve competitive advantage and be able to compete in the local and global market . Most organizations in the present time hire systems analyst in to have a smooth flow of information handling within the company . This is also to ensure that the best possible service can be given to highly valued customers . With this , organizations need the best system there is

to come up with strategies to satisfy customers . In for organizations to succeed in their field , management must be able to apply the best strategies there are

A good strategy stems from a good , if not the best , manager . Strategic Management does not just include the task of the manager but also the managerial skills that should be applied in different functions . Good managerial skills must be possessed by managers to better run the company . This is , basically , focused on achieving excellence in the field of business and on contributing something to the community . Many successful companies focus on the best strategies to use to meet , and even exceed , the requirements of the customers - customer satisfaction (Kotelnikov , No Year

Case Study 1 - Poor Strategic Management Approach

Jeannine Strothers , the impatient manager , did not take Jeff 's advice She built new system , but she can 't get top management to allow her to use it . And she 's run into a number of other problems

First , the financial comptroller has been reevaluating company investment strategies and policies . Jeannine wasn 't aware of that . The new system does not account for the new policies being considered

Even her staff has rejected the investment and divestment recommendations generated by the system . She used Information Systems existing structure to design those s , only to find out that her clerks had abandoned those s two years ago because they can 't include the necessary data to fully analyze alternative investments . Her staff is also critical of the design , saying that minor mistakes send them off into the twilight zone ' with no easy way to recover

The computer link to the investment database service has been useless The data received and its format is not compatible with the systems requirements . Although other database services are available , the current database has been prepaid for two years . Based on her recent experience , Jeannine is now skeptical of such services

Some of her subordinate managers are insisting on graphic reports . She 's not sure how to convert the data of either package to a graphic format

To top off her problems , she isn 't sure that her existing local database structure can be modified to meet new requirements without having to rewrite all the programs . And her boss is not sure he wants to invest the money in a consultant to fix the problems

Jeannine 's analyst friend Jeff is not very sympathetic...

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