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Compare/Contrast Probation and Parole


Probation is the given by judge in addition to a jail term probation allows a convict to live in the community but under custody of a probation officer for a specified period of time in which the convict will be under supervision , this is to check if he or she abides to the rules and conditions associated with probation , the period of time for one to live in probation depends on the seriousness of the crime committed . Probations were introduced by John Augustus and in 1879 they were introduced by many

American states

Parole involves the supervision of a criminal after serving all the jail or part of jail term and the convict is allowed to live in the community under supervision , the parole period is dependent on the decisions made by the board of parole , violation of parole will result into re imprisonment of the convict . Paroles were introduced by Brockway Zebulon in the year 1876 as a way to reduce jail overcrowding and at the same time as a way to rehabilitate prisoners by encouraging them to win their way out of prison through good behavior

Probation and parole are similar in some aspects but they also have their differences in various aspects , the two are different in terms of their supervision and administration and who determines the parole and the period of time one can either be in parole or probation , this analyses both the similarities and differences associated with paroles and probations

Probations and paroles are ways in which criminals are supervised in to determine whether they are likely to commit the same crime or any other crime during this time period , if they do commit a crime during this period then they are sent back to prison to serve a jail term , both probations and paroles are set to determine the rehabilitation level of a convict and whether the convict is fully rehabilitated and whether he or she can live with the society without committing crimes


Paroles and probations are similar in various dimension and one of the most common similarities is that both persons under probation and paroles are assigned an officer to undertake supervision , further the roles of these officers either the parole officer or the probation officer are similar in both cases whereby they are supposed to supervise the convict and regularly meet with the convict

For both paroles and probations terms and conditions are set and the failure to abide to either parole or probation rules will lead to a person being sent back to prison to serve a jail term , one of the conditions set for both cases is that one should not commit any crime during this period of parole or probation and that one must regularly meet with the officer he or she is has been assigned to undertake supervision

Paroles and probations are usually law abiding and there are some conditions that a convict must abide to in to paroled or...

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