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Compare/Contrast Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

Coca-cola versus Pepsi

Coca-cola and Pepsi have been the leading products in the market when it comes to soda drinks . Visiting their websites allows the guest to see more of the brand , its associated colors and themes , and the culture it tries to project

By way of color , any common person would know that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not only different from each other they are practically opposites Color trademarks have been used for consumer products to distinguish themselves from a competitor , of course in a very generic manner . Thus we

can see that these two products are in close competition with each other . Indeed , Coca-Cola is red , Pepsi is blue the former is warm and the latter is cool . Now the meaning behind these color trademarks indicates the particular culture in which the product is known Coca-Cola openly uses the themes family , love , Christmas , hospitality and teamwork because they suggest warmness . Indeed , it has found its way through holidays particularly father 's , mother 's , and grandparent 's days , valentine 's days , national and patriotic holidays and sports Among the best proof of its reliance on its warmness , even white bears were used to advertise the product . And yet , why it does not seem outdated even in summer lies also in its warm nature .summer is hot just like coca-cola ! This is the usual theme . For Pepsi , however , since it started later than the former , it had to think of a better way to distinguish itself from then popular brand , and the best choice is blue Therefore , from starting out with the opposite hue , it had to continue with everything else about the competing soda . Cool became the basic theme of Pepsi . Unlike Coca-Cola , everything in the Pepsi website indicates coolness , which includes the warm weather when consumers want to be cooled , trendy stuffs that consumers find cool , such as new gadgets , car races , and hip things . Coca-Cola 's advantage is that it appeals to the warming needs of its consumers , particularly of the family who basically buys the brand for reunions and birthdays when they gather together . However , Pepsi 's advantage lies on the things and people it associates itself with . Because cool and trendy products activities and celebrities can practically lead a consumer from one good to another , Pepsi has a sure fire way to get into the consumer 's money Indeed , the website says it all .everything is blue and new ! Modernity has been the trend and Pepsi uses it to target the most vulnerable consumers - teenagers

Based on the color and the attributed culture alone , Coca-Cola and Pepsi diverge from the purpose in which their websites were established Although they mainly set their websites to advertise their product , the former seems to be more attuned to advertising its culture and evoking the feeling of home and relaxation to the visitor , whereas the latter focuses more on promoting the brand by way of its culture . Thus Coca-Cola website has far lesser count of words used than the...

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