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Compare/Contrast Movies on In Cold Blood with novel written by Truman Capote

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The Author 's Compassion


The book a non-fiction novel was only completed by the author in 1965 after the death of the two main characters in the story . This masterpiece written by Truman Capote had influenced the value of the Americas Justice System . It has created a sense of guilt for those who imposed capital punishments and empathy towards the outlaws . It has also left many people in

anxiety to learn that if criminals just happen to be born , then what a very unsafe or unsettled living conditions are we in ? To the author it left a mark that answers the question of why do men created in the state of justice commits a horrible crime , a question with so many answers or assumptions of which he alone could have given the reason why

Recounting of the Story in the Book

In Cold Blood is a true crime which happened unexpectedly even to the offenders themselves . There is no motive to do the killings of four of the Clutter family in 1959 , Perry Smith and Dick Hickock only needed the little amount of money they can come up with to begin a new life . This story line became so prominent in the works of Capote which made the public perceives the author 's hidden compassion for the killers of Herb Clutter and his wife Bonne and two teenage children , Kenyon and Nancy However , to Mr . Capote he just made a true account that is required to accomplish his work who 's only inspired by the 300 words written article in the New York Times Wealthy Farmer , 3 of Family Slain . He never realized until then that the perpetrators was given a reason to have more time to live and that work has tormented him ADDIN EN .CITE Carroll3Anna V CarrollThe Book I was Born to Write200422 April 2008http /www .amazo n .com /review /product /ref cm_cr_pr_hist_5 5Fencoding UTF8 amp filterBy addFiveStar (Carroll

Capote 's very well treated work was shown in a movie in 1967 directed by Richard Brooks which made a faithful account on the non-fiction novel Another version was interpreted by Jonathan Kaplan in 1996 and this is to describe which of the two versions was able to justify Truman Capote 's magnificent work piece in terms of encapsulating the authors ' message of compassion and to find out the reason or understand why that senseless killings had been done

Brooks versus Kaplan

The ill fated life of Dick and Perry was interpreted by two directors one of which is Kaplan in the TV series which are able to convey to the viewers how a 10 ,000 in cash kept in a home safe can cost the life of a family of four . That senseless killing was planned because of a telltale and when the perpetrators became so disappointed after realizing they have been deceived with the presumed loot , their rebellion has turned in against Mr . Herbert Clutter and his family . The film make it apparent true despite of common knowledge that Detective Dewey while investigating the case , there is no clues , no reason and no suspects which has given a suspense in the scenes

In Kaplan , the public was made aware that in everyone there is a story More empathy is taken on the scenes to which the actors have played their roles . Public understanding towards compassion is motivated in the mini-series

The movie directed by Brooks was eventually shown after the book is finished and that was only when the slaying is vindicated after the long years of trials in the Kansas Court . The portrayal of the story is well documented in the film and keen professionalism was shown in every detail such as photography and the filming which took place on the same spot , however it did not gave enough insight in the interpretation of what was on the mind of the writer . Brooks was able to dictate to the public mind his position that heinous crimes must be applied with death punishment which in the heart of Truman is not the case

Brooks in his film has interpreted Capote 's work as an entire Freudianism meaning that Everyone has wishes which he would not like to confess to others which he does not care to admit even to himself in Freud ,1913 : 67 ADDIN EN .CITE TZZEN 3TZzlem TZZEN Poetry : A Therapy For Unsatisfied Wishes200523 April 2008http /jas .canka ya .edu .tr /05aralik /11_OzlemOzen .pdf (TZZEN ' which made the picture looks very subjective towards the killers

The author 's voice in opposition to capital punishment is not shown in the film but was just treated as a documentary of what had happened and how the writer recorded it in his imagination . Brooks 's interpretation of Capote 's hidden voice as his own desires as defined by Preseott that The poet in his poetry expresses his desires , primarily his own desires , but also , through his well-known universal and representative character , the desires of others ADDIN EN .CITE TZZEN 3TZzlem TZZEN Poetry : A Therapy For Unsatisfied Wishes200523 April 2008http /jas .canka ya .edu .tr /05aralik /11_OzlemOzen .pdf (TZZEN ' was rejected in the portrayal of the film though it has faithfully followed the recording of Truman

The film focuses on the sick mind and childhood dreams which made the middle part boring . However the film was a very good documentary in the success of its photography but in a sense that Brooks misses the soul of the author and deal on Capote 's masterpiece as just his material when he recounted the story to a film in 1967


Truman 's Capote may have seen in himself the younger Smith to him the assailants are not monsters but victims to their ill fated deteriorating life that if only given the chance could at least give those 20 years old lads experience another lifetime for happiness which they have not been used to have here on earth

The story also captures the chemistry of the saying that it takes two to tango , the influence of Dick towards Smith and vice-versa made an effortless jump towards perdition as in what we call misery loves company . If Smith could have found a better ally he could have not ended in the gallows or if Dick did not brought Smith the unplanned violence could have not taken place . The story was able to distinguish between the object and the subject

Smith 's life gave the author a chance to glimpse to his own most innermost questioning and knowledge that anyone , any man can be a horrible animal when it has always been deeply accustomed to disappointments . The tragedy in the Clutter 's home was a very suicidal tendency to the two supposedly little criminals . The loot that they had expected is a pass that will bring them to a safer path and the knowledge of the impossibility of it made them commit the act that in the end they have desperately paid for in the gallows

The loot that they will get from Clutter will be their escape from a life that is very much unbearable and the apparent deception that they can not have the reason why they are acting that way made them fall into despair . Truman was able to capture it in his writings what is inside of a very desperate man and not just that it was presumed by many that Smith is lovable to him . Through his writings the reader and the public was able to realized that man if understood can come back to his original state of justice but apparently Dick and Smith as perpetrators is also a victim of the ills of a society or those people who do not mind the others as long as they are alright

Truman Capote paved the way to an entirely new treatment of "Non-Fiction Novels which can be seen in his life and in all of his works ADDIN EN .CITE Times20054 4443New York TimesAbout the story In Cold Blood : Truman Capote His Life and Works200523 April 2008http /www .nytim es .com /ads /capote /capote_a .html (Times ' The book he has written answered a lot of questions and opened the hearts of many towards compassion for the accused and the realization that justice can not be vindicated by another injustice . It has also opened the eyes of many that the lost of virtues took place when a man do not realize his own value by him or by those who are around him . This work could have put so much stress to the author and may be one of the reasons why he died a little bit early when he is just about 59 the time he is just beginning his third phase in life

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