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Compare/Contrast Islam and Christanity

Christianity and Islam : A Comparison

Christianity : Jesus and Spirituality

One of biggest religions in the world , Christianity believes in one omniscient , omnipresent , and omnipotent Supreme Being who created the whole world or the universe and all of humanity or all living creatures This God was referred to as Yahweh in the Old Testament by the Jewish religion "the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob (Ac 13 :32 ) In the New Testament , God came into the world in human form and revealed himself to humanity through Jesus Christ . This is one of the

distinct and unique beliefs in Christianity . Jesus , the son of God was sent to the world to die and save the people from their sins . Jesus is the Incarnation of God and God himself . This forms part of the mystery of the Holy Trinity Christians believe that God has three personalities : the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit

Jesus is a personal God which means that he relates to each and individual person in a private and personal manner just like a true person like a father to his children or a friend to an individual person . That he came down and died to save people from sins demonstrates how much he loved his people whom he considered his children . That event happened a long time ago . Today , people simply need to repent accept Jesus as one 's personal savior and live a spiritual life to partake of the promise of eternal life that Jesus promised . The spiritual life is a continuing quest among Christians to live a life like Jesus which means embracing and practicing all his teachings which constitutes the beliefs and values of Christianity . Christian spirituality is a life of faith (McGrath . By living that life , one bears a living testimony to the truth of Jesus . Reading the bible or the Holy Scriptures is where and how people will learn to know more about God and his ways . The bible is referred to as the Word ' of God . It is not only the channel through which people can communicate with God but it is God himself (John 1 :1

Islam : Allah and Spirituality

Allah is the God of Islam . He is described as the One and Only , the eternal and absolute (Surah Ikhlas - Koran 112 :1-4 . Islam or Mohammedanism was derived from a prophet known as Mohammed whom Muslims considered as the Messenger of Allah . Unlike the Christian God who is personal , Muslims deemed Allah as transcendent and impersonal . As the creator and sustainer of the universe , everything and everyone is dependent on him for our continued existence . Allah does not reveal himself but only his will (Akhtar ) And Islam is about obeying the will of Allah

The foundation for Islamic beliefs and values is knowing the will of Allah . The essence and value of any form of action depends on how it partakes in the will of Allah . Knowing one 's destiny or where to go entails knowing the direction or the will...

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