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Compare and Contrast Donatello’s David sculpture with Michelangelo’s David sculpture discussing the symbolism of each and including information on the artists and their styles of work.

p A Comparison of Donatello 's David

And Michelangelo 's David

Many artists have used the Biblical character of David , slayer of the giant Goliath in their art . Two of the most famous of these artists are Michelangelo , and Donatello . Both artists are considered to be amongst the greatest artists of the Renaissance and their works are exhibited throughout the grand museums of Europe . Donatello was the first to create his David . Donatello 's David (1444-46 ) is a three dimensional artwork created of bronze , and measures 158 cm tall . It is displayed

in the Museo Nationale del Bargello in Florence Italy . The figure carries a fashionable hat in his hand and is very sexually ambiguous Donatello 's David appears to be less a depiction of a Biblical David and more a depiction of a fashionable Renaissance youth in the nude Much like Michelangelo Donatello uses the disegno style of sculpture that attempts to accurately depict male anatomy . This David appears to symbolize the gender ambiguous fashionable male of the Renaissance rather than the strong masculine hero depicted in the Bible

In contrast , Michelangelo 's David (1501-1504 ) is a much more masculine figure . He seems to symbolize the true biblical figure of David . This sculpture is 13 .5 ft tall , and created from marble . It is displayed in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence Italy . It is done in the disegno style and is posed conttraposto fashion . This is where the lower and upper bodies are off axis from each other . This figure is much larger than the Donatello sculpture and seems to be designed to impress rather than merely entertain . The symbolism is much more true to Biblical s of the legends of King David and is much more masculine than the work by Donatello . Finally , one can tell how far the art of sculpture had come in the 60 years since the Donatello sculpture as the details on Michelangelo 's work is much more exquisite than that of Donatello


Donatello David , 158 cm , bronze Museo Nationale del Bargello 1444-1446 , HYPERLINK "http /www .artcive .com " http /www .artcive .com Michelangelo David , 13 .5 ft , marble , Palazzo Vecchio , Florence Italy 1501-1504 , HYPERLINK "http /www .bluffton .edu http /www .bluffton .edu

Donatello and Michelangelo...

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