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Compare and Contrast the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts


Massachusetts and Virginia

Contrasts and Comparisons A Comparison and Contrast of the Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies


According to Lodge (1881 ) in his A Short History of the English Colonies in America , from the onset , the comparison between the colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia in how the beginnings of the settlements came about and developed are nearly as different as night and day

A Contrast in Founding Ideology

The Plymouth settlers arriving on the Mayflower to escape religious persecution from England

founded Massachusetts . Virginia on the other hand , was an adventure quest of English gentlemen who put up the money for the journey to the New World and the establishment of the colony of Jamestown by the London Company to gain riches . Thus , the establishment of the two colonies had similarities in the momentum to take an action by a group of vested people but contrast in the underlying motives

The success in terms of both of these colonies becoming established and maintained again is a contrast . The Plymouth colony of Massachusetts worked hard among its members and overcame many hardships of lack of promised supplies from England , and only through determination and commitment prevailed as a colony . Whereas , the determination and hard work of one man - Captain John Smith - is how the colony maintained itself for the first two years

The Revolutionary War Brings a Comparison

Philosophically , both ideals of the Puritans of the Plymouth colony and the ideals of those...

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