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Paper Topic:

Compare and Contrast China to C.E. 500 and India to C.E. 500

Classical artworks like the gateway at Sanchi are examples of how art was used in ancient times to transmit information . The eastern and southern gates depict the birth of Buddha and show how symbolism and art played a great part in ancient Indian society . The Chinese have their salt mining artworks which depict the industriousness that defined the ancient Chinese . Such artworks also depict the levels of development that the ancient Chinese people managed to attain at such early stages of civilization

Differences come in the levels of organization and technological

development attained by the societies . The Chinese were typically more technologically advanced that the Indians and their ability to built and maintain dynasties was not achieved by Indians . Technology was more readily adopted by the Chinese and Indians remained chiefly agrarian though both were highly influenced by religion and belief


Ancient civilizations in China and India take on the same approaches which have been significant to the developments that the nations have attained in terms of technology and the social systems that were adopted later on . China and India are some of the most developed nations in Asia and the levels of development can be traced to the systems that were developed long before modern civilization . The caste system and Confucianism have played a considerable role in shaping what can be referred to as the modern India and China respectively . It is clear that the two countries share more than just the high levels of development that define them rather they have a lot of similarities than differences in their individual histories


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