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Paper Topic:

Compare China's response and Japan's response to the West from 1900 to 1945

Japan Chinese territories that belonged to Germany instead of returning them to China . Thus the May Fourth Movement emerged and sought to arouse nationalist sentiments on how China was treated by the west . This would be something then communist movement under Mao Zedong would subscribe to and use to help rally people to their cause and eventually take over China after the end of the Second World War (Ebrey , Walthall and Palais 413

Japan , on the other hand learned a lot from the west and this showed in its rapid modernization during

the Meiji Period . Japan 's modernization gave it powers it had dreamed of in the past and proceeded to exercise it by territorial expansion , defeating China and Russia in the wars waged against them (Ebrey , Walthall and Palais 370-371 . Japan sought to join the club of the great powers but the west was reluctant to recognize Japan as an equal because they are Asian despite defeating a western power in Russia . This showed on how they treated Japan at the end of the First World War when the great powers did not include the clause on racial equality in the Versailles Treaty and in the Washington and London Naval Treaty where they were made to reduce their warships to a smaller number compared to the Americans and the British (Ebrey Walthall and Palais 373

The Great Depression prompted Japan to take the path of aggression seeing it as the only viable solution to their social and economic problems . The west did not take this sitting down and condemned Japan 's actions to which the Japanese , tired of being marginalized by the west rebuffed these condemnations and went about their business . When the west boycotted Japanese products and stopped exports of raw materials to Japan , it did not change...

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