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Comparative Criminal Justice Systems







Have experienced abuse of human rights by law enforcement personnel These personnel are also called the police . Statistics and reports show that they use excessive amount of force with the public . We shall look at how police abuse affects the following nations United States England Germany , China , Japan and Saudi Arabia


In early years in America it was found that many law enforcement personnel were using an excessive amount of force during face-to-face contact with the public . Therefore

the study was conducted to investigate the amount of force used by the police officers or the so-called law enforcement personnel . This was the first survey conducted on the 1996 . The second survey was carried out in 1999 to evaluate the measures put into place to curb the use of force by law enforcement personnel or officers . Therefore , the findings that were obtained from the two survey were gong to be used in coming up with effective measures to control these issues . Police and look for some possible procedures of correction in criminal justice basically gear these measures towards streamlining the use of force

The sampling technique as a means of data collection can be said to be effective . This is because out of the from different ethnic groups were picked for interview and even for administering of questionnaire during the study . Therefore the use of sampling was effective . A good sample must be done in a manner in which all the groups are represented . For example out of 6 ,421 persons picked for study , we had whites forming the major ethnic group therefore were large in number , followed by blacks , Hispanic and others . The number varied because of the differences in the number of each ethnic group forming part of the study . By sampling the different ethnic groups we could understand the group who are highly victimized when in contact with the police

The questionnaires are used in study to get information from police and public about the use of force . Questionnaires are effective since some members of the public fear speaking out information when interviewed Therefore , when given questionnaires they could fill them at their own pace . Questionnaires also provide detailed information that can be stored for future use (Michael , G , 2007

. 102

The interviews that were carried out during the study targeted different people from different household . Once a sample was picked of persons with 12 years old and above , this person was to be interviewed The national Crime Victimization survey was based on interviews with representative samples of American households . The interview was effective in the sense that each member sampled from a household was to be interviewed seven times during the three-year period of survey to provide accurate information . Because those interviewed had a known probability of selection the information obtained would be useful in estimating the the police . Those who might have had contacts with police were to be interviewed for long time or would take more...

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