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Community role curriulum development


Role of the Community in Curriculum Development



Role of the Community in Curriculum Development

The community serves a big role in the curriculum development of every school . Composed of various members of the society , the community offers a different perspective of children 's needs , which schools tend to overlook . In particular , the community 's initiative to participate in curriculum development is very valuable to provide holistic education in response to the global challenge

The community is composed of various members of the

society . It involves parents , the local government , NGOs , and other community organizations concerned about giving equal opportunity to all children (Education for All , and ensuring quality education responsive to the needs of the present time . Because these institutions are composed of parents and guardians themselves , they assert the needs of students in lobbying for quality education

One example of a community-based organization concerned with curriculum development and change is the International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO . Its program initiative called the Community of Practice in Curriculum Development involves educators from different countries who engage in dialogue to compare perspectives and come up with initiatives to provide venue for development and social equity ' With offices established locally , they provide venue for communication among educators and members of the community , including local educators and administrators , parents , and even students

While organizations like the IBE-UNESCO provide venue for lobbying interests in education , it is the local community 's role to participate and support such initiatives...

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