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Community Psychology week4

p Community Psychology 1






Community Psychology

Community psychology can be defined as the science that seeks to understand relationships and the value of life of an individual in relation to the whole community . There are many aspects that can be looked at in the subject of Community Psychology as a whole . These include adaptation , Cultural-ecological perspective , Genotype Interdependence , Macrosystem , Mesosystem , Microsystem , and Social exchange theory . These attributes contribute greatly to the development of a healthy society that allows individuals to mutually

coexist with each other

Adaptation can be defined as the ability of an organism to adjust to fit into a particular environment , thus increasing their chance of surviving . These changes vary depending on the environment . The adjustments that are necessary for an organism to fit in a certain environment include behavioral adjustments whereby an organism adjusts its behavior in to fit and survive in a particular environment For example , a person joining Microsoft Corporation as a junior employee will have to change the mode of dressing , and change his way of speech in to be able to fit in an official working environment

Cultural-ecological perspectives can be defined as the features that allow people in a community to appreciate their culture and ecological upbringing without any discrimination from other members of the society These perspectives allow one to understand that the environment in which one is living contributes much to the way that society develops (Duncan 2007 ,


Microsystem can be described...

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