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Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

Communication plays a very important role in our life as the main tool of interaction between people . Communication is a very important aspect with the help of which people

send both verbal messages including words and sentences and nonverbal messages including facial expression , behavior and physical setting . In the Information Age communication patterns have been changed because of changing nature of interaction between people . Although , communication still performs the major function : the mean whereby people exchange information . It is the interchange of ideas , facts , and emotions by

two or more persons by the use of words , letters and symbols . IT (Information Technology ) covers new communication tools such as computers , telecommunications and electronics and there is little doubt that IT is having a profound influence on all aspects of life . This new intensity of information makes possible far more precise planning and faster communication at low cost . By distributing information through electronic networks , a person can effectively communicate with thousands of people around the world and solve problems and tasks which would be impossible in face-to-face traditional communication

In spite of all advantages of Information Age , most people feel lack of face-to-face communication , but develop strong written communication skills . Everyone has some weaknesses and strengths in communication as a result of psychological and personal peculiarities , and every day communication patterns . As for me , verbal written communication is my strength . My weakness is non-verbal communication , because in some situations I am not sure what behavior patterns I should follow , for instance , speaking with strangers or a policeman . Sometimes I feel cultural or social barriers communicating with others

I have strong verbal communication skills because I spend much time communicating with my friends through the Internet . On the one hand , I can communicate with several people at the same time , and save time on calls and personal meetings . This form of communication is very popular because it helps to transmit information to the recipient and receive reply faster and easier in comparison with other types of human interaction . Also , the addressing of a message enables normal mail to be processed and delivered without need for the sender to inform the recipient that the message is to be dispatched . I have good written skills and can clearly express my opinion in several sentences . My strength is logical , concise and informative messages which help the recipient to grasp the idea at once . In spite of advantages mentioned above , this form of communication cannot replace face-to-face communication

This form of communication prevents me to have good non-verbal communication skills because I do not see people I communicate with their facial expression and gestures

Body language , as a part of physical non-verbal communication is my weakness . Studies suggest that in the process of interpersonal communication only 7 of the message is verbally communicated , and 93 is non-verbally transmitted : 38 is transmitted through voice , and 55 is transmitted through facial expressions . For this reason , it is important to develop string non-verbal communication skills (McKay...

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