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Communicating in the virtual workplace - sample persuasive message

[Communicating in the Virtual Workplace]


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Communicating in the Virtual Workplace


The paper talks about a new concept called E-tailing , what it actually is , what is its function , what are the behaviors inherent in it , which communication medium enables e-commerce , analyzing of each communication process , and a sample persuasive message targeted towards the virtual audience . E-tailing is basically a term that is used in place of `electronic retailing ' or it can also be categorized as B2C transaction or Business

to Consumer transaction (Schappell , 2010 . E-tailing is the result of e-commerce that has made it much easier for the businesses to market and sell their products online by using certain softwares and websites . Extensive information is provided to the customers through websites about the products and services they want to purchase moreover , the customers can shop with utmost convenience without going somewhere and wasting their time

There are three main categories or medium of e-tailing that include - click , click and brick , and brick and mortar . Click is a medium where businesses are operated solely through online control click and brick is the one where the businesses operate in both online and offline medium and finally , brick and mortar is a category that involves conventional way of selling , where latest technology or channels are not used (DMSretail , 2010

Behaviors that are inherent in e-tailing are usually from the side of the customers where they feel a little uncomfortable due to risk privacy , and trust level...

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