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Comedies of Error: Plautus and Shakespeare

Comedy of Errors

Based on the theme of mistaken identity , The Comedy of Errors is one of the earliest plays of William Shakespeare . A handful of classical elements are found in this play , which connects it to the Roman playwright Plautus ' comedies , especially to The Brothers Menaechmus This is going to critically compare the classical model with the Shakespearean model with particular emphasis on Comedy of Errors

Before delving into the plots of Comedy of Errors and The Brothers Menaechmus , it is important to consider the influence of Plautus on the

works of Shakespeare , Jonson , Wilde and Shaw . One can explore numerous dramatic literary devices that were employed in some of the earliest Latin , Greek and Italian works . These include dramatic satura biological metaphors , rhetorical and symbolic vocabulary and so on . The pulse of dramatic comedy was set in those early works of Plautus and Terence , and the legacy was masterfully carried into the later traditions through translations and re-creations . Shakespeare 's Comedy of Errors and other plays written in vernacular languages by English playwrights such as Jonson , Heywood and Chapman were reproductions of specific plots in Plautus or Terence . The scope of creativity and flexibility was enormous with the re-creations of the original plots Many early critics to keep Shakespeare aside from the other Elizabethan dramatists in that his works were not influenced by the New Comedic traditions . But later on , panoptic investigations revealed that Shakespeare 's Comedy of Errors was discernibly influenced by The Brothers Menaechmus...

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