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The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises

The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises




Date Introduction - Coca Cola is a brand that many people from around the world know . Even if very few only truly understands what the term means what they know is that Coca Cola is the name for the thirst quenching drink . Many celebrities like basketball superstar Michael Jordan endorsed the brand , helping it reach the plateau that it is today , but sometimes , the ethical problems that plague the company pulls them down a few notches lower than where they

can be if only they avoided doing things that breach ethical boundaries

Discuss why Coca Cola has had one ethical issue to resolve after another over the last decade or so - Many multinational companies suffer the predicament of being burdened with ethical issues left and right Business analysts and critics can only speculate , but the most common root of unending ethical problems like that which Coca Cola experienced can be attributed to the presence of a combination of different smaller problems , which may range from management to day to day operation concerns

Sometimes there was no intention in the part of Coke to commit something that poses ethical problems , and there are also situations wherein Coca Cola breached ethical boundaries , like the time when the press found out that the Coca Cola cans they pulled out from Belgium after it made school children sick was sold to Africa and not disposed completely , a good and cheap way out of the problem (Kidd 154 ' Coca Cola did not mean for the Belgian school children to get sick , but they risked experiencing ethical problems after they resorted to a course of action which is unethical in the first place

Discuss why a news analyst said that Coca Cola could become the next Enron . Is it possible , defend the answer - Some critics peg Coca Cola as the next Enron because there were indications that there are financial irregularities in the accounting practice of Coca Cola . Enron became the benchmark for fraudulent accounting schemes initiated by the top executives of the company which eventually led to the downfall of the company . If the presumed mishandling of the financial aspects of Coca Cola 's operation will not be addressed and corrected , observers believe that Coca Cola may also end up bankrupt like Enron

This is not far from impossible , since Enron and Coca Cola share many similar characteristics - for starters , both are blue chip companies that no one expected to crash . Khattab said that Coca Cola 's sin was called by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC ) as `channel stuffing , and like what Enron did , Coca Cola was resorting to doing unlawful and illegal things to improve sales and inventory marks

Discuss Coca Cola 's reputation and what should Coke do to restore its reputation and eliminate future ethical dilemmas with its stakeholders - Coca Cola hinges its reputation largely on the global impact of the company name . Many people , no doubt , know the name and...

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