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Coach Carter

Coach Carter : Conflict and Negotiations

The movie Coach Carter ' tells the story of a high school basketball coach who had big dreams for his students . The main character Coach Carter ' had a different concept of what achievement is and how to get it . He instilled in his boys a sense of dignity , pride and responsibility in their roles as school athletes . He also was the first to require good academic performance from his team and that to him an athlete had discipline , and being able to manage one 's academic requirements and

being excellent basketball players . However , Coach Carter had to encounter a number of conflicts before he was able to see any changes and results of his policies

The members of the basketball team had issues among themselves and were also in conflict with Coach Carter because they felt that coach was very demanding and strict that he would not let them slide ' once in a while . For this , Coach Carter had to confront the team and explain to them why they need to straighten their behavior as an athlete and as a team . In this situation we see Coach Carter using his authority and power to confront and resolve the conflict , in a sense coach was being authoritative and he viewed the conflict as a resistance to his authority . The team was not in a position to bargain because it was either they follow coach 's policies or be dropped from the team . In organizational behavior theories , conflict resolution can be approached in a number of ways but when there is an imbalance of power or authority , usually , the one with more power can influence the resolution to the conflict with or without negotiation (Burton , 1996

In another instance , Coach Carter was in conflict with the school administrators because the boys were failing in their academics and that would mean being dropped from the team . Unfortunately some of his best players were among those with failing grades and he had to do something to save the team and the students . Coach determined that the only way to resolve the conflict was to negotiate with the school administrators and teachers , coach bargained that if the students passed their next exam and qualify to take the test then they would continue as athletes . In organizational behavior , an effective way to resolve conflict is to bargain with the other party especially if the balance of power is equal or almost in the same level (Burton , 1996 . It was clear that the school administrators wanted the team to win the meet but they could also not allow the students to play especially when they were failing academically since it was a win-win situation for the school administrators , the offer made by coach was agreeable to them

Coach Carter also was in conflict with his son because his son was also a basketball player and coach was coaching another team since his son went to a different school . This was a personal conflict...

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