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Clinical Fatigue

Clinical Fatigue

Clinical Fatigue 1

Fatigue is a complex problem that affects nursing in every field and it appears from research reviewed , every country . Carer acute clinical fatigue leads to burnout and loss of nurses from the field . It is also known from research that there is a higher level of fatigue in healthcare workers than in any other work population or in the general population (Gaba Howard , 2002 . Nurse clinical fatigue not only threatens the health of the nurse but threaten ' patient safety and health care quality . For these reasons

the potential impact on healthcare fatigue is significant and indicates the need for more study (Fang Kunaviktikul , 2008

The nature of nursing work is becoming identified as one of the reasons for clinical fatigue among nurses . Carer fatigue is noted by Farrington (1997 ) as hemorrhaging of yourself for others ' Certainly nurses given everything of themselves to their careers . Clinical fatigue is related to emotional exhaustion , depersonalization , and the feeling of reduced personal accomplishment . It is a cognitive as well as emotional state Clinical fatigue often causes an inefficient action pattern that causes declining interest in the field , reduced concentration , and negative emotions about the work that they do . There are many things that affect this clinical fatigue level and Fang et .al (2008 ) has found that much of that belongs to what is called the Job , Demand , Control Model . This model includes such things as the demands placed on the nurse because of the job , the control the nurse...

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