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Essay of Classification

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Classification of Study Techniques


College is one of the platforms in academic life that plays a major and crucial role in deciding the future stops and accomplishments in life In this regard , it is very imperative that students should perform well in college life . However , it is noted that a majority of students are not able to cope up with responsibilities and challenges of college life , and end up in a mess due to lack of effective studying techniques

br In this regard , this will identify and classify different study techniques that will help students in studying effectively and acquire positive results in their college life . Some of the study techniques that will be discussed in this are time management , group study goal setting , using sources , flexible reading , etc

Time Management

Notion of time management has been considered important in almost every area of life , and so , in college life as well . It is very imperative that students should manage their time effectively by balancing their education , employment , co-curricular activities , as well as responsibilities towards family . There are only 168 hours in a week , and such amount of time cannot be increased by magic . In this regard , it is essential that students at the commencement of a term should create a term calendar that will allow them to act in a balanced manner . It is noted that students often give considerate importance to other study techniques and ignore time...

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